Integrity Matters

Edgar Guzman

Eddie Parise

Chief Executive Officer

Angel Maldonado

Ron Mcmilleon

Logistics Manager

Aneudy Martinez

Head Sales Manager

Liquidation Pallet Sales is a family owned business that started with 2 employees in a small 2,000 sq. ft. warehouse in June 2019. The inspiration to start this business came after after being ripped off multiple times by bigger wholesale companies in the region and realizing there was a real need to provide quality pallets. Liquidation Pallet Sales was created to bridge the gap between buying from someone who purposely sells you junk and takes your money versus a company that is integrity based and sells quality merchandise that will bring you a profit!

You can feel confident in our sourcing and our ability to provide a wide variety of products that will meet your needs without scamming you out of your hard earned money. We created a unique way of doing our business where you are able to see what pallets and truckloads are available – no ‘buying blind’ at our warehouses. We want you to be confident in what you are buying and this is why 93% of our customers keep coming back for more!

After just a few short years we have built this business up to facilities in 3 states with a total of over 400,000+ sq. feet of merchandise to sell! Our mission at Half off Wholesale is to ensure that you know what you’re buying and how much you can profit, without taking the big gamble of buying unseen (and often faulty) merchandise. We want you to succeed!

Mathew Douglas

Customer Service Agent

Robert Alexander

Sales Associate

Trudy Evans


Levi Elsworth

Sales Associate

Our Quality Assurance

We specialize in gas powered products and hold a high standard to these pallets and truckloads. We test and ensure that all gas powered products have 0% locked or seized motors on ALL gas powered products that we sell. We do this to protect our customers and make sure that you will never have a complete loss on any gas powered product that we sell.

We ensure that all of the gas powered merchandise we sell have no locked or seized motors before selling to our customers. No more locked motors!